Our Story

To be Gunnison’s premier bakery creating an exceptional product and customer experience to new and loyal customers.

It all started with a passionate love for baking, and the overwhelmed joy that overtook people’s faces when they took a delicious bite. With every great recipe comes hours of testing and countless guinnea pigs to taste the finished result. After numerous experiments and volunteered hours, the custom treats were unlike anything anyone had tasted. As a result, friends and family asked to entertain more and more.

With the ignited spark, I went to pastry school at the Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. Upon graduation I traveled to France, Spain and Italy seeking out the finest desserts the world had to offer and took these inspirations back home.

Whether it’s an old family recipe with rooted tradition, or setting new bakery boundaries, we never lose sight of what makes a good homemade treat.

It’s our customers, the regulars and the newcomers, who continuously inspires us to bake new confections and pushing us into uncharted flavor territory. In gratefulness, we offer this promise: total deliciousness capturing happiness in each and every crumb.

For the most discerning sweet tooth, we offer cupcakes, birthday cakes, specialty cakes, cheesecakes, handcrafted pies, brownies, cookies and more. And because no one should have to go without our Crumb de la Crumb goodness, we offer scrumptious gluten-free and allergy-free treats too.

Gunnison Bakery


Crumb de la Crumb is a committed bakery who provides superior quality cheesecakes, cakes, pastries and decadent morsels. Our goal is to provide all of our customers with an unparalleled product and experience. Our talented team of pastry chefs uses the purist of ingredients with cutting edge techniques to create a product that is truly superior in quality and flavor. We are always guided by our values everyday in everything we do.

“Hands down some of the best baked goods around!!! A great addition to add to our customers salon experience!”

Total deliciousness capturing happiness in each and every crumb.

Give us a try today! You deserve it.